We are super excited to announce that as of april this year we will be stocking herbal ‘wine’ for dogs and cats called Pawsecco.

Award-winning UK company WOOF&BREW are to extend their range of healthy herbal teas, tonics and treats for dogs and we will be amongst the first stocklists for this amazing product !

Co-founder and Managing Director of this product , Steve Bennett, commented “Our customers love the idea of having a drink with their four-legged best friends and Pawsecco offers another lovely, healthy product alongside our doggy beer, Bottom Sniffer. Being suitable for cats too means the experience can also be shared with our feline friends, and offers owners of both dogs and cats the experience of a ‘family night in’.”

Don’t forget to check out our current range of woof and brew products on our shop by clicking on the link here http://the-doghouse.org/?s=woof+brew&post_type=product

Its Wine o clock !
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